KCC Minutes

Friday, December 21, 2012

Business Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Kenilworth Chess Club's 2012 Business Meeting:

- The meeting commenced at 8:45 p.m.

- Members in attendance included Don Carrelli, Geoff McAuliffe, Greg Tomkovich, Pat Mazzillo, Lou Sturniolo, Joe Azzarello, Michael Goeller, Mark Kernighan, Howard Osterman, Bert Shiffman, Bob Sherry and John Moldovan.

- Treasurer Geoff McAuliffe announced the club had a profit in 2012 and noted that was primarily because payment for our website wasn't due this year.

- A donation to the Kenilworth Recreation Department was approved.

- Michael Goeller gave a brief report about kenilworthchessclub.org's traffic and our blogs' high ranking.

- Secretary Moldovan, announced that he was too busy to continue being a club officer.

- Don Carrelli was elected President, by a 7-4 vote, over Bob Sherry. It is Don's 2nd term. He was KCC President in 2010.

- Joe Renna was re-elected Vice-President, in a narrow 6-5 tally over Sherry.

- After Sherry and Kernighan declined nominations. Ian Mangion was elected Secretary, by acclamation.

- Geoff McAuliffe (Treasurer and Tournament Director) and Michael Goeller (Webmaster) were re-elected to their offices by acclamation.

- Greg Tomkovich was re-elected (by acclamation) to another term (2013-15) as Trustee.

- USATE sponsorship in the amount of one full entry fee ($150?) was approved. Funds will be divided between teams that contain 4 KCC members and use KCC (or Kenilworth) in the team name.

- A 5-round Swiss was chosen as the format for the 2013 Club Championship, by a 7-3 margin over an 8-player Round-Robin.

- The membership then decided, by an emphatic 10-1 count, that the Championship will not be rated.

- The Club Championship will begin on January 10 and run thru February 7th. The time control will G/75;d5 (not the 90+5 of previous years.). February 14th will be reserved as a snow date. The entry fee will remain dues + $10 + $5 anti-forfeit deposit ($30 for most players).

- Finally, regarding the Garden State Chess League...

  • The Kortchnois' players in attendance chose to play their January match at the Kenilworth Community Center, not at Rutgers University.
  • The Karpovs' acting Captain (Moldovan) revealed that the team needed another player for the January 7th match in West Orange.

Carrelli Elected KCC President

Don Carrelli has been elected President of the Kenilworth Chess Club. 2013 will be his 2nd term at the helm. Don also served as President in 2010.

Ian Mangion replaces John Moldovan as KCC Secretary. Joe Renna, Geoff McAuliffe and Michael Goeller were re-elected to their posts.