KCC Minutes

Monday, January 04, 2010

20th Kenilworth Chess Club Championship

The Kenilworth Chess Club Championship starts next Thursday- January 14th. This year, it will be rated! The tournament will run one game per week through February 11th. USCF membership and KCC membership dues are required. Details of the tournament are as follows....

January 14th- February 11th
5 Round Swiss
G/90 (G/85 with 5 second delay)
EF $10 + anti-forfeit deposit $5 + KCC Dues $15 = $30 total
Games will start promptly at 8:20 each week!
If needed, snow dates are Feb. 25 and March 4th.

As of now, 2010 KCC calendar will remain the same as prior posted.

2010 Kenilworth Chess Club Officers

New Year, New Officers...

President – Donald Carrelli
Vice President – David Pawlowski
Tournament Director - Geoffrey Mc Auliffe
Treasurer – Geoffrey Mc Auliffe
Secretary – Joe Renna
3 year – Gregory Tomkovich
2 year – William Sokolosky
1 year – Michael David Wojcio