KCC Minutes

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Summer Tournament Week 12

Ian Mangion has clinched first place in this years summer tournamet with wins over Tedd Mann and Mike Wojico, combined with Mark Kernighan losing to Dave Pawlowski. This was Mark's first loss of the tournament. With one week remaining Ian has 14 points and Mark as 11 with a maximum of 2 games a night. John Moldovan won his game against Mikhail Krugkiak to give him 10.5 points. Don Carelli beat Greg Tomkovich to bring his total to 7 and Greg remained in 4th place with 9. Max Schererh, Pat Mazillo and Joe renna also won their games.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer Tournament Week 10

As we head into the final 3 weeks of the summer tournament We have a tie for first place and onlt 1/2 a point between 3rd and 4th. Ian Mangion played simultaneously against Max Scherer and Joe Renna, drawing Max and beating Joe to bring his total to 10. Meanwhile Mark Kernighan, still undefeated, beat Don Carrelli for his 10th point. John Moldovan also played simultaneously against Tedd Mann and Geoff McAuliffe getting a win vs Tedd and a draw vs Geoff, to give him a total of 8. I stayed half a point in front of John in third place by getting a draw with Dave Pawlowski.