KCC Minutes

Monday, December 15, 2008

Business Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the December 11th Business Meeting

1. A $50 back-payment to Geoff McAuliffe for directing the 2007 & 2008 Club Championships was approved.
2. The purchase of 4-5 cheap, plastic, tournament-size chess sets & two digital chess clocks was approved.
3. The sponsorship of USATE entries was eliminated.
4. A dues-reduction from $20 per year to $15 was approved. Junior/Student dues were reduced from $10 to $7.50 per annum.
5. A Senior Citizen discount for KCC memberships was approved. The dues for persons 65+ will be $10.
6. A motion to allow pro-rated dues-refunds, if the KCC moves to Tuesday nights during 2009, was approved.
7. A vote on forming a 501c non-profit corporation was postponed.
8. Greg Tomkovich resigned as Vice-President.
9. Ian Mangion, Mark Kernighan, Don Carrelli, Lou Sturniolo & Max Sherer tabbed as V.P. nominees. Kernighan, Carrelli & Sturniolo declined to run.
10. Mangion elected Vice-President by a 12-3 count.
11. John Moldovan, Geoff McAuliffe & Joe Renna re-elected to their posts. All were un-opposed.
12. A motion to use old, donated trophies for 2009 Club Championship prizes was approved.
13. Members voted 7-6 with 4 abstentions to run the 2009 Club Championship as an unrated tournament.
14. Given the past problem with last-minute entries, the TD was given authority to select the 2009 Club Championship format.

Minutes of the Oct. 9th Meeting

1. The KCC rejected the Froelich Building on North Avenue in Westfield as a possible future site because a replacement building in Kenilworth had been secured.

2. When ejected from its current location (the Kenilworth Community Center), the KCC will meet on Tuesday evenings from 7 p.m., at the VFW Hall on 21st Street.