KCC Minutes

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Tonight's Meeting Canceled!

Tonight's KCC meeting has been canceled due to weather and travel concerns.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Blog & Web Site Changes

KCC members and blog-followers, please note these upcoming blog & web site changes:

1. In the next 10 days, or so, the KCC Minutes blog, which has experienced some technical problems for the past year, will be shelved and replaced by the Kenilworth Chess Club blog.

2. A link to the KCC Tournaments blog will be placed on the home page of our web site.

Preliminary KCC Calendar For 2014

The Kenilworth Chess Club's preliminary Calendar for 2014 has been placed online and can be downloaded here.

Only a few events, notably the Club Championship (January 9-February 6) and Summer Tourney (June 5-August 28), have been scheduled thus far. Dates for the Irving Ellner and Sy Fish memorials haven't been set, as yet.

Places for a Knockout tourney, early rounds of the 2014-5 GSCL season and some new, members-only events, such as a Blitz Championship and a Quick Championship, will also be found.

Candidates to fill the remaining weeks include a Consultation Game, lectures, simuls, Random Opening, Bughouse and Partner tourneys.

If you have any event-ideas, please relay them to us.

Thursday's Matches, Meeting & Weather

Tomorrow night, Kenilworth is scheduled to play Lehigh Valley and host another Garden State Chess League match.

However, with snow forecast, there could be a postponement.

The league will make a decision on the matches late Thursday morning, based on the weather and travel situation for LV and Hamilton.

If the matches are scratched, a decision to hold or cancel the KCC's weekly meeting will be made in the early afternoon (by 2:30 p.m.).

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Kenilworth Championship Reminder

A reminder, the Kenilworth CC Championship begins January 9th.

Click here for details.