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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer Tournament Week 8

In the Open Section Mark Kernighan beat Ian Mangion and John Moldovan drew with Joe Demetrick. Mark and John are tied for first with 6.5. Greg Tomkovich beat Bert Shiffman to take sole possesion of third with 5 points. Geoff Mcauliffe drew with Joe renna and is in fourth with 4.5. Other winners included Praveen Balakrishnan, Mike Goeller, Breadon Reinoso and Chris Constantino.

In the U1200 section Joe Azzarello beat Luis Raules twice to tie for the lead with Andy Altamirano with 9 points each. Andy beat Pat Mazillo in an intersection match, which counts for him. Aleksy Senyatkin beat Antonio Altamirano and drew with Lou Sturniolo in another intersection match to put him in third place with 7 points.
Antonio beat Paula Sefia. In two intersection matches that did not count in the standings Braedon Reinoso beat Leticia Sefia, and Lou Sturniolo beat Paula.


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