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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Tournament Week 2

We had 5 additional entries in each section this week, bringing the open to 21 players and the U 1200 section to 8. Obviously there will be no need to merge the sections. Thursday June 23 will be the last day to enter the tournament, NO ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER JUNE 23.
There were 14 games played this week.
Ian Mangion beat Max Sherere
John moldovan beat Bert Shiffman
Pat Mazillo beat Wayne Burnette
Mark Kernighan drew Praveen Balakrishnan
Kevin Chen beat Greg Tomkovich
Mike Goeller beat Steve Stoyko
Joe Renna beat Chris Constantino

Antonio Altamirano beat Luis Raules
Letecia Sefia beat Raphael Matta
Andy Altamirano beat Paula Sefia twice
Lou Sturniolo drew Aleksy Senyatkin (Lou's games in the U1200 srction do not count for him in the standings, but count for his opponents)
Lou Sturniolo beat Antonio Altamirano
and in a game that did not count in the standings
Braedon Reinoso(open) beat Leticia Sefia (U1200)

Open 2 points Joe Renna
1.5 points: Mark Kernighan, Ian Mangion
1.0 points Mike Goeller, Kevin Chen, John Moldovan, Greg Tomkovich, Pat Mazillo
0.5 points Praveen Balakrishnan, Don Carelli, Wayne Burnette, Christopher Constantino
0 points Steve Stoyko, Max Sherer, Joe Demetrick, Geoff McAuliffe, Steve Liesch, Tedd Mann, Lou Sturniolo, Bert Shiffman, Braedon Reinoso
Prizes: 1st $63 2nd $31.50, 3rd $10.50

U 1200
2 points Andy Altamirano
1 point Antonio Altamirano, Leticia Sefia
0.5 points Aleksy Senyatkin
0 points Joe Azzarello, Luis Raules, Paula Sefia, Raphael Matta
Prizes 1st $24 2nd $12 3rd $4


  • Thanks for the post, Greg. I will link to it.

    By Blogger Chess Coroner, at 8:41 PM  

  • Thanks for the blog, it helps us parents keep track. Leticia is so excited about her 1 point and Paula is gingered to try harder.

    By Blogger sefia, at 10:16 PM  

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