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Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer tournament week 10

With 2 weeks to go, leader Bob Sherry lost to John Moldovan, then beat Pat Mazillo to clinc a tie for first with 14 points. John also drew Darsah Patel, and is second with 10 points. Mark Kernighan gained a half a point on John by beating Robert Vinson and andy Altamirrano, he has 9.5 points. Greg Tomkovich drew Pat Mazillo, and beat Breadon Reinoso to hold on to fourth with 8.5. Breadon also beat Antonio Altamirrano, to stay in 5th with 7.5 points, Antonio has clinched the U1200 prize with 6.5 and is in 6th place overall. Still with an outside shot at a prize are Samritha Palakollu with 7 and Praveen Balakrishnan and Pat Mazillo with 5.5.


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