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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Summer Tournament Week 5

Week 5 of the tournament results:
Mike Wojico got a win and a draw against Ari Minkov, Ian Mangion and Dave Palowski split a pair of games, John Moldovan Beat Joe Renna, Geoff McAuliffe beat Dan Komonicky,
Mark Kernighan beat Don Carelli, Greg Tomkovich beat Joe Demetrick, Pat Mazillo and Breadon Reinoso beat Colby Chen.

Current Standings:
Ari Minkov 6
Ken Chieu, John Moldovan 5
Mark Kernighan, Ian Mangion 4
Dave Palowski, Greg Tomkovich, Lou Sterniolo 3
Max Scherer, Geoff McAuliffe, Joe Renna 2
Mike Wojico 1.5
Dan Komonicky, Pat Mazillo, Breadon Reinoso 1
Don Carelli, Rich Lweis, Glen Hart 0.5
Joe Demetrick, Colby Chen, Ed Delasandro 0


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