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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Preliminary KCC Calendar For 2014

The Kenilworth Chess Club's preliminary Calendar for 2014 has been placed online and can be downloaded here.

Only a few events, notably the Club Championship (January 9-February 6) and Summer Tourney (June 5-August 28), have been scheduled thus far. Dates for the Irving Ellner and Sy Fish memorials haven't been set, as yet.

Places for a Knockout tourney, early rounds of the 2014-5 GSCL season and some new, members-only events, such as a Blitz Championship and a Quick Championship, will also be found.

Candidates to fill the remaining weeks include a Consultation Game, lectures, simuls, Random Opening, Bughouse and Partner tourneys.

If you have any event-ideas, please relay them to us.


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